Established in 2007, Tribe21 has embossed its name in the recruitment and staffing division in Jammu & Kashmir both nationally and internationally. We gauge the need for qualified professionals in emerging markets and establish a network of talent sharing across the globe.

For candidates:

We are partners with major reliable companies domestically as well as internationally, for recruitments, thereby, creating a vast pool of employment for all spheres. We provide peerless service in placement of skilled and semi-skilled manpower all around the world. Our attempt towards maintaining ethical standards at the company has earned us immense respect and support of the candidates. Further, we help candidates in completion of all the documentation related work on a timely basis and provide assistance in qualifying the interviews.

For companies:

Tribe21 has renowned a name in Human resource realm, by providing a wide range of recruitment and selection services to many companies regardless of the domain. We partner with our clients to expand their business potential by providing quality manpower solutions. Our primary activity is permanent and temporary staff recruitment for either single large volume or ongoing staffing requirements. We recruit at all employment levels from junior to senior, and across a broad range of employee categories and sectors.

The service lines we offer include

Staffing solutions

We offer exclusive services in recruitment process outsourcing, professional staffing, organized labor supply and headhunting, through our highly qualified and dedicated team of recruitment professionals

Search & Selection

We conduct “search and select” for mass recruitment projects aimed for medium and technical personnel. We acquire candidates for such requirements either from our database, or through advertisements on job portals or newspapers

Try & Hire

This is a modern form of employment. This solution allows you to check the suitability of an employee before permanently employing them, following the principle “first try, then employ”. Our hiring managers first try to get your unique needs and ensure they know exactly what you’re looking for.

Psychological Tests

We conduct psychological tests to prepare a psychological review formulated on the basis of interviews or written tests, which assess the strong and weak factors of the candidate’s personality characteristics. This is beneficial for both the companies as well as clients.

Skill Tests

Depending on the requirements of the workplace, we conduct tests on behalf of the company, to assess the knowledge and professional skills of the candidates such as sales techniques, analytical, mathematical and language skills. These are developed or modifies in consultation with the employer’s specific expectations of the position, with substantive from specialists in the field


We maintain payroll of different clients. We are responsible for calculating the gross and net wages for each employee. Payroll involves calculations for every employee based on their salary status, benefits, overtime and provident fund during a pay period and many other factors. Strict adherence to state and national tax laws is involved

Recruitment Process

  • In depth assessment of client’s needs

    Our HR’s do an in-depth analysis of the clients/ employers exact needs. We do a detailed review of all aspects of company, including the components of its business activities, work-culture and industry practices, to make our candidate selection full proof.

  • Search/Hunt for ideal candidate(s)

    Our search executive team is detailed and clarified on the talent that is being sought, by the HR team. They scan the database and probe other resources to short list potential candidates. These are then screened through preliminary interviews, to discover their qualifications, skills, level of competence, work ethics, experience and past references

  • Selection

    This step involves a point to point check to ensure a perfect match between the professional and the job profile. The candidates who pass the pre screening are more rigorously interviewed by our team which makes the final selection before passing it on to the employer.

  • Presentation to the employer

    This step encompasses presenting our clients with details of the final selection so they can take their picks. This is mostly done via electronic communication, but employers are also welcomed to visit the office

  • Recruitment

    This step involves the final agreement and the issuance of conditional offer letter. Our associates assist the recruited with the necessary formalities like with required documentation

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